St. William's Catholic Church

~~~ Since 1895 ~~~

Welcome to St. William's Church

Reverend Jose Rodolfo Lache-Avila - Administrator

Cell: 803-924-3400     

Church Office: 864-445-7215 (leave message)


Reverend Robert F. Higgins - English Mass

St. Williams Church Ward SC 29166

Mass (Spanish)

Mass (English)

Weekday Mass


Parish Membership

 Active membership in St. William’s parish is determined by three things:

1) Being registered in the parish for a sufficient period of time,

2) faithful attendance at Mass on Sundays and Holy Days, and

3) the use of the envelope system in the support of the parish

Upcoming Events

Trinity Dome Second Collection
May 6th & 7th

Maintenance Fund Collection
May 13th & 14th

Catholic Charities Second Collection
May 20th & 21st

Catholic Communications Campaign
Second Collection
May 28th & 28th